Landscapes of Quarentine Opening Reception

Landscapes of Quarantine
Mar 10 2010 – Apr 17 2010
Opening reception: Tuesday, March 9, 7pm

Group exhibition exploring the spaces of quarantine, from Level 4 biocontainment labs to underground nuclear waste repositories.

Landscapes of Quarantine features new works by a multi-disciplinary group of eighteen artists, designers, and architects, each of whom was inspired by one or more of the physical, biological, ethical, architectural, social, political, temporal, and even astronomical dimensions of quarantine.

Works on display:
Pages 179 – 187, Joe Alterio
Q-CITY: An Investigation, Front Studio | Yen Ha & Michi Yanagishita
MAP 002 QUARANTINE, David Garcia Studio
Did We Build The Frontier To Keep It Closed?, Scott Geiger
Field Notes from Quarantine, Katie Holten
Hotel III, Camp II, Lab IV, Cell V, Mimi Lien
Cordon Sanitaire, Kevin Slavin
Context/Shift, Brian Slocum
Containing Uncertainty, Smudge Studio | Jamie Kruse & Elizabeth Ellsworth
NYCQ, Amanda Spielman & Jordan Spielman
Quick, Richard Mosse
Thermal Scanner and Body Temperature Alert System, Daniel Perlin
Precious Isolation: A Pair of Invasive Species, Thomas Pollman

(via Storefront for Art and Architecture and BLDGBLOG)


2 Responses to “Landscapes of Quarentine Opening Reception”

  1. 2010/03/08 at 5:30 pm

    Arghhhh I can’t even express my jealousy, Liza! You had better take lots of pictures and get that autograph you promised me!

    Side note for people who might be going into the city on Tuesday: Urban Center Books is relocating. I was in NY yesterday and, to get my text-fix, wound up at Strand Bookstore; I must say, they have a pretty impressive selection, some hidden gems, and lots of discounts. Go to the second floor for architecture.

  2. 2 dj2d
    2010/03/11 at 11:37 pm

    Yen Ha and Michi Yanagishita are both CMU Alums. Their office, Front Studio, is named for their first year studio experience. The way you guys were in red, blue, and yellow studios, they were in front, middle and back studios (in Doherty Hall no less!).

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