Gallery crawlin’

So Friday night I ventured downtown to make my way through the cultural district for Pittsburgh’s quarterly Gallery Crawl, basically a big open house of all the galleries in the Golden Triangle. A few pieces caught my eye.

First was Anjali Srinivasan‘s “do/undo” at the 707 Penn gallery. I’m sure people from Lubetz studio will appreciate the title, but it definitely succeeded in engaging the visitors and all their senses. The piece began as a series of white tape strips behind which was a layer of tumeric or cocoa. The users then activated the piece by pulling the tape, releasing a shower of spice. It was interesting to see how different people reacted to the cocoa and tumeric scents, and also how, as the piece decayed into a pile of tape and seasoning on the gallery floor, a crawler might indentify the work as “a pile of trash.” (actual quote) Follow the link to the artist’s website for more pictures / video.

The second piece was Martín Bonadeo’s moebius display at the Wood Street Galleries. The piece was a möbius strip array of LED screens suspended from the ceiling of a dark room. On each opposing side (although a möbius strip has no sides) were two opposing ideas (light/dark, night/day), which due to the strip’s edgeless condition, circulated across the surface, always switching positions and appearing and disappearing, visible only through the reflections on the gallery walls. It’s quite hard to describe, but follow the links to the artist’s website for photos, or watch below.

Was anyone downtown Friday night who saw anything worthy of mention or these two pieces? Hope your weekends are all going well!


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