Do we see color the same?

The discussion yesterday reminded me of a story I heard.  I heard that in the 60s scientists were persuing studies to determine if everyone sees color the same.  I decided to try to find an article about the topic.  I found that the idea was first proposed by John Locke.  Below is a link to the article.  You may also want to look at “Qualia”.



3 Responses to “Do we see color the same?”

  1. 1 Liza
    2010/01/23 at 10:55 pm

    We absolutely don’t see color the same. (But I can’t seem to get to the article..)

    People with light blue eyes (yours truly) are more sensitive to bright lights especially the harsh contrast between indoor ambient light and a bright sunny day. My eye doctor was telling me that the white “worms” that I might see if I stand up too quickly or do not have a good transition between indoor and outdoor is more common with light eyed folks.

  2. 2 Sam
    2010/01/27 at 1:25 pm

    The theory is not necessarily about slight variations in the way we see such as color blindness or variations between the color of your eyes and how they see color. This is an unanswerable color. Suppose you were born seeing reds as green or yellow is purple. The whole spectrum of color that you see is shifted, but there is a disconnect between the color and the word of the color. You recognize red with the word green and you recognize green with the word red. The grass would still be “green” and the sky would still be “blue” but because we can’t really see through other peoples eyes, we can’t tell if they are really seeing the same colors. Attacked is a wikipedia article that may explain it better.

  3. 3 Sam
    2010/01/27 at 1:35 pm

    Unanswerable question, and attached is a wikipedia article. Sorry I tipped too fast.

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