More Farmvilles than Farms

“…FarmVille has quickly become the most popular application in the history of Facebook. More than 62 million people have signed up to play the game since it made its debut in June, with 22 million logging on at least once a day, according to Zynga, the company that brought FarmVille into the world…” (NY Times)

“…The 2007 Census counted 2,204,792 farms in the United States, a net increase of 75,810 farms. Nearly 300,000 new farms have begun operation since the last census in 2002. Compared to all farms nationwide, these new farms tend to have more diversified production, fewer acres, lower sales and younger operators who also work off-farm…” (USDA)


4 Responses to “More Farmvilles than Farms”

  1. 1 Joy Kang
    2009/12/18 at 11:55 pm

    hehe gues who is addicted to this

  2. 2 Liza
    2009/12/19 at 12:43 am

    I’ve actually never played. What types of vegetables do you grow? Does FarmVille ever describe true farming techniques or statistics or is it just purely a Facebook game?

  3. 3 joykang
    2009/12/19 at 1:01 am

    I believe its jusy facebook game, the game does not have much or any farming techniques. Different vegetations have different period of growing, I guess it is kind of relative to the reality? but in the reality strawberries dont grow in an hour…. but farmvill strawberries do
    They have all kinds of seeds you can buy from market with coins you earn from farming and as your level goes up more variety of seeds you can grow, more animals you can buy and other buildings and decorations you are able to get. Though its just a game, I was able to learn different kinds of flowers, plants names and other stuff…

    And they are pretty smart with marketing, because you can send free “gift” to your friends which are sold in markets or rare items that are not sold in the markets. So basically it requires lots of interaction with facebook friends to earn those “gifts” and people try to invite more and more facebook-ers to farvill-ers.

  4. 4 joykang
    2009/12/19 at 1:05 am

    hehe typo! I did not mean “jucy facebook game” but “its just facebook game”.
    and this posting time is wierd, I’m posting at 12 but it saids 1 ..

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