The Brain, The Body, and Architecture

As many of you already know, I was diagnosed last night with bronchitis. While it is a bummer to stay at home to get better, it is nice to finally be able fully read two blog posts from BLDGBLOG. I thought these posts where appropriate considering my bronchitis is overwhelmingly reminding me of organs I take for granted. (As a side note, I think Geoff Manaugh should lecture at CMU).

His most recent post is titled “Digital Memory Palace” which proposes how Rhino could cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through renderings.

PTSD brains

MRI of brain with PTSD

The second post is “Body Baroque“, describing a project by Yousef Al-Mehdari a student at the Bartlett School of Architecture. “The project explores religious ritual and the human body, alongside an interest in “transitory sculptures,” processional routes, and a kind of body-futurist rediscovery of architectural ornament. Vortices of limbs ossify into cathedrals; overlapping anatomies become windows and valves. ” (BLDGBLOG, Geoff Manaugh)

BLDGBLOG Yousef Al-Mehdari section cut

Section Cut of Body Inspired Modification of Chartes Cathedral

I find the post “Body Baroque” to be especially provocative from the set of images because of my background of art history. Baroque architecture and art, especially sculpture, is characterized as being dramatic from the motion of the form.  The architectural projects from Body Baroque  use representation of small units of the body, such as vertebrae and blood cells and morph the units into the overall form of Baroque architecture. This re-post does not do Yousef Al-Mehdari or BLDGBLOG any justice. Please follow the links.


1 Response to “The Brain, The Body, and Architecture”

  1. 1 Mary-Lou Arscott
    2009/09/23 at 5:14 pm

    You might also be interested to read about the new Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.
    He has made some visceral work with a red gloop covered panel passing through a line of doorways and a room of terracotta/concrete entrails.
    There is a good article in yesterday’s Guardian, plus some pictures. It opens on Saturday 26th.

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