Diagram it!

What is a diagram?       A symbolic representation of information.

A diagram is a distilled drawing of your idea.  Only information that is essential to understanding  the concept should be included.  Everything else is edited out.

So how can we show ideas, actions, and processes 2-dimensionally?  Check out these successful images, and consider how to diagram your Modulator and its effects on light and space:

For more info on how to create a successful diagram, look up Edward Tufte’s series of books:  ‘Envisioning Information,’  ‘The Visual Display of Quantitative Information,’  and ‘Visual Explainations.’   http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/


3 Responses to “Diagram it!”

  1. 1 Liza
    2009/09/03 at 5:17 pm

    what is the black and white dot gradient describing, could you explain further?

  2. 2 Emily Sullivan
    2009/09/03 at 9:28 pm

    The black and white diagram is from Jacques Bertin’s 1967 book, Sémiologie Graphique.

    This is one of his graphics explaining an optical phenomenon called the “vibratory effect.” Certain proportional combinations of black and white appear to our eyes as unstable, with gray or even colored patches appearing that are not drawn. Also known as “moiré,” the result is a physiological effect at the retinal level that seems to happen when our brain can’t determine what is figure and what is ground. Bertin’s illustration diagrams this by displaying a systematic variation of bull’s eyes. The vibratory effect should appear when the ratio of black to white area ranges from .4 to .6. In the diagram, that would be with figures located toward the middle.

  3. 3 Sam
    2013/10/17 at 2:38 pm

    where did you find the diagram on the Kunsthal building?

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