Some of the Accumulated Ideas on My Desktop

Every once in a while, I have to clear out all the bookmarks and images that collect on my computer. Things I’ve skimmed through or caught my eye, but that I either haven’t read in full, or haven’t really digested yet. Similarly, the back of my sketchbook – what used to just be a page, but has grown significantly – is full of things (a few words, doodles) I need to look up, write about, buy (books, art supplies, etc.), or draw. Usually, a few themes emerge between these two grocery lists of ideas, and they turn into discussions here, or an actual sketchbook page, or something more cohesive.

But sometimes, they’re still just a bunch of links, to virtual or real places alike. Here are ten items from the miscellanea dump.

Gotham City– I am in Architectural Record (online at least; see picture). This amuses me greatly.

– I completely forgot about the blog Subtopia, and haven’t stopped by in a while. But this post, somewhat satirical (just in case you accidentally skim by the first section of it and miss the part that says it’s hypothetical…), is amazing. The writing is above your average blog post, and makes you think.

– I’ve also neglected Life Without Buildings. Two good finds here: one, about Gotham City, relating to our comic discussion; the second about architecture blogs’ discussions of The Fountainhead.

– Sometimes, I ride my bike with my iPod on. I know that this is terrible and will probably get me killed one day. But I only put in one earbud and only listen on country roads that have very little traffic. Anyway, what I wanted to mention is that sometimes, songs sound very different when you’re only listening halfway. The left side of a song versus the right. How do they determine what you hear, and where? We’re used to assuming we have the whole picture, not just when listening to music, but when we’re looking at something. But we don’t usually, especially when we’re browsing photographs, rather than walking through the real thing (a building?). Even an animation, you’re not in control over the view, and your peripheral vision isn’t working, and you aren’t hearing things or smelling things or feeling the ground you “walk” on. What was I writing about again?


This is a different kind of High Line.

– I drew a picture of my window at work. I think it means “GO OUTSIDE.”

This blog has a lot of animations, interviews, news, tutorials, etc. about architecture. They aren’t all in English, and some are a bit older, but worth skimming through.

– I really want need to buy this book.

– Seeing things on the web. Scrolling down animates certain things that were never intended to do this. On my computer at work, the screen resolution is lower, and scrolling does weird things. Not really going anywhere with this, just something to notice next time you’re viewing an image-heavy vertical website.

Getting to know TJ through Monticello. A NY Times blog, capturing the man and the building through drawings AND words. You might want to read some of the other entries, too.


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