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Light Art Luminous SydneyThe exciting lighting of Jorn Utzon’s famous Sydney Opera House by the artist Brian Eno shown in the recent post “tele(vision)”, is part of a larger festival called “Luminous,” an annual festival of music, debate, light and performance.  Curated by Eno, this inaugural year features a plethora of music acts alongside public talks and spectacular light and art installations from May 28 to June 14.  In a brilliant display of colour, Eno launched “Luminous with the lighting of the sails, transforming Utzon’s masterpiece into an artists’ canvas. The festival will also feature Eno’s image/sound installation, 77 Million Paintings. Acclaimed at the Venice Biennale, this constantly evolving, totally original audio/visual experience will run throughout Luminous as a free event in the Studio.

Light Art Sydney“Luminous,” is related to a larger exhibit and celebration of energy-conscious use of light called “Smart Light Sydney.” It includes an exhibit of “Light Art,” symposia, tours, etc. See the website www.smartlightsydney.com for some interesting work. A press release from the blog and listserv that I subscribe to called artdaily.org (press releases about news from the art world, every day) claims:

Light Art Lumenocity“Customs House is aglow with creative light artworks as part of Smart Light Sydney which runs until 14 June. Smart Light Sydney showcases dynamic light art sculptures and is the only major international lighting event driven by energy conscious and innovative design to recognise the importance of lighting design in cities and its role in the city nightscape. On Customs House Square, Lumenocity features a series of coloured lanterns representing an energy consumption map of the city’s buildings. Doves that Cry in the Red Room, is a light and sound installation inspired by the ‘drawing room’ and featuring LED-lit recycled light fixture reflectors that represent doves flocking to the black piano. Smart Light Fields is a live mapping of the movement of festival goers across Circular Quay. Also at Customs House, suspended in the atrium, is the Green Void, a 19-metre tall lycra installation illuminated with daylight by day and LEDs by night. Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said; “We’re really proud to sponsor Smart Light Sydney and the fact that these imaginative and beautiful art installations will be powered by low-energy lighting.” Smart Light Sydney utilises clever design, innovative technology, reusable materials and energy efficiency, and is a feature of Vivid Sydney (26 May-14 June), a unique new public festival of music, light and ideas developed by Events NSW.”

This attention on light and “light art” relates directly to issues we’ll talk about next semester, as we explore (among other things) light as a material and way of making space… Be on the lookout for all things related to “Light” and “Light Art.”


5 Responses to “Light Art”

  1. 1 Liza
    2009/05/29 at 3:27 pm

    For anyone who doesn’t know, there are beautiful video projections on the Carnegie Museum of Art at night.

    Seeing this post after the flagstaff project is definitely reminicent of the projects where the projection screen was more freeform. If I remember correctly, I think the Liz Song had that enormous canopy that was projected onto. I proposed movies to be simultaneous projected onto sculpture

  2. 2 Joe Dz
    2009/05/29 at 4:03 pm

    those projections liza mentioned are by artist doug aitken who’s done some other really cool work, including an installation at mies van der rohe’s barcelona pavilion.


  3. 2009/05/29 at 5:28 pm

    A different project with lights and architecture, adding music to the mix: http://vimeo.com/4706049

  4. 4 dj2d
    2009/05/30 at 3:15 pm

    Just last summer, Artlumiere (www.artlumiere.net) did an installation at the Cathedral of Learning. I often wondered myself how they were able to cloak such a complex shape without bleeding onto surrounding and adjacent surfaces. Photos here: http://srirambala.com/?p=322

  5. 5 Liza
    2009/05/31 at 1:39 pm

    I remember seeing the “painted” Cathedral of Learning. But it wasn’t just for the summer. I rember seeing it around October.

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