NL architects: TPAC – taipei performing art center proposal

I just love the whimsical scale figures and how a group of them are holding up a dragon.

“NL architects have designed the taipei performing arts center aiming to make
the building accessible to everybody. the public character of the center is guaranteed
by the elevation of a substantial part of its program, creating a public square underneath
it. as such the square becomes part of the building inside of it.

the design which could be considered to a table with ‘four legs’ supports a ‘tabletop’
that accommodates 3 storeys. inside you’ll find an elevated fragment of the city, a public
browsing space where cultural facilities such as a multimedia library, music stores,
galleries, lobbies, bars, restaurants and clubs will be included.

balconies and terraces with different programs will also be included in the space consisting
of swimming pools, a skate area, playground, hotel garden and cafe.

the performing arts center structure will contain three theaters: a 1500 seat grand theater
and two 800 seat theaters for repertory performances. the theaters are positioned on
different altitudes. the proscenium playhouse is placed at the base of the southeast ‘leg’.
the lobby is placed under this theater so that it is flush with the square activating the space
around it. the multiform theater is connected to the southwest leg close to the top.
the volume of the grand theater is suspended under the horizontal slab. it hovers over
the square while being part of it. “

Taipei Performing Art Center
taipei performing art centerelevators diagram


2 Responses to “NL architects: TPAC – taipei performing art center proposal”

  1. 2009/08/01 at 4:35 am

    Greetings ..

    this must be one of the coolest architecture designs i’ve ever seen.
    The elevators outside make it so surreal and arty..

    I see NL architects as TAG.. this meens they are dutch right ?

    I am from the netherlands myself and will do my best to get my art exposed in this museum !

    any idea when it should be ready ?>

  2. 2 Liza
    2009/08/03 at 9:36 am

    Here are some facts according to NL’s website (http://www.nlarchitects.nl/) about the Taipei Performing Arts Center:

    Client: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
    Program: 3 Theaters, Hotel, Restaurants, Shops
    Size: 40,000 m2
    Total Building Costs: $127 min
    Design: 2008

    There doesn’t seem to be any indication whether or not the project was realized.

    What Museum are you with, Dominic?

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