Roadtrip Documentation

If anyone plans on going on a road trip over break, or even wants to see some an awesome photo montage, check out this video that a fellow CMU student made…


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  1. 1 cmuarch2013student
    2009/05/14 at 12:32 pm

    Speaking of roadtrips and travel…

    On Tuesday I drove back to Pittsburgh to pick up the last of my things. I had a missed call on my phone, so I decided to pull over and return it. I was about to get on the PA Turnpike in Breezewood so I was at a good stopping point. I pulled into a gas station and parked and looked across to the next gas station and spotted Isaac K.!

    Isn’t it both funny and amazing that such a thing could happen? Considering how many people there are in the world, I regard it as a miracle that I can go to random places and see at least one person I know. And I feel that technology both helps and hinders this – while communication is more convenient than ever, we also move at such a fast pace in our everyday lives that we can arrive and exit a location with such speed that I wonder how we ever spontaneously coordinate our schedules to allow us to see anyone familiar.

    If I had continued on to the entrance ramp of the turnpike, instead of pulling over to talk on my phone, I would have missed Isaac and my day would have been completely different.

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