Mies Drawing

This is a diagram drawn by our friend Mies Van Der Rohe.  It is a diagram that explains the play of light on a granite wall found in the Barcelona Pavillion.  The wall is represented as the two lines. This image and the one that follows may be useful twards idm.


2 Responses to “Mies Drawing”

  1. 2009/05/25 at 7:56 pm

    This popped up on my Flickr homepage and made me think of Mies.

    Also, I found the photographer’s comment interesting (about noticing things in 3D vs. 2D).

  2. 2 Gutschow
    2009/05/25 at 9:29 pm

    This is a perspective drawing by Mies of the famous Barcelona Pavilion (1929).
    The drawing is owned by MoMA in New York. You can find info on the drawing at: http://www.moma.org/collection/object.php?object_id=87528. As confirmed there, the two lines in the middle are a COLUMN (not a wall). Off to the right is a glass wall, that looks out into a courtyard that has a shallow pool in it, and is surrounded by marble. This study is a masterpiece in depicting transparencies, reflections, light, structure, space, etc.
    It anticipates Mies’ famous abstract collages of the 1930s, for example of his Resor house (see: http://media2.moma.org/collection_images/resized/127/w500h420/CRI_69127.jpg).
    On Mies’ colleages, see the great article: Neil Levine, “The Significance of Facts: Mies’ Collages up Close and Perosnal,” in Assemblage 37 (Dec. 1998): 70-101. (you can get a pdf of this article thorugh JSTOR, an online database available through the CMU library homepage (if accessing from off-campus, be sure first to use the Web-VPN service for remote users that is available in the left hand column of the library homepage).

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